As We Worship- CD


Released in 2009, As We Worship is McDowell’s first live worship album and comes in a two-disc set. It features several hits, including “Closer,” “Wrap Me In Your Arms” and “I Give Myself Away.”

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. Expectation
2. As We Worship
3. The Sound
4. Give Him Praises
5. He Is
6. Downpour
7. Come Unto Me
8. Closer/Wrap Me In Your Arms
9. Wrap Me In Your Arms (Reprise)
10. Show Me Your Face (Intro)
11. Show Me Your Face
12. I Want To Know You

Disc 2
1. Psalm 27 (One Thing)
2. Give Us Your Heart (Intro)
3. Give Us Your Heart
4. I Give Myself Away
5. Here I Am To Worship
6. Send Me
7. The Sound Of Heaven
8. Go Forth (feat. Group One Crew)
9. Wherever I Go